YouTube End Screens & Cards + BONUS Template

Again, YouTube rewards those that keep viewers on their platform for longer.


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That being said, End Screens are a bit of a grey area. Some say it’s worth adding, some say it’s not.

I do however suggest you add them in so as to try and keep people on your videos or playlists for longer.

Oh, and obviously have them subscribe as well.

YouTube end screens & cards + BONUS template Project Success Mastery

What I suggest you do is to add a template to the ends of your videos before uploading so that you some form of uniformity going on.

I'll give you a template to work from.

If you don't have Photoshop, remember, you can use Photopea to open and edit PSD files.

You’re welcome to use the template and change it to your needs.

You can do this by adding End Screens to your videos when you edit them. Export your video and upload it. 

Job, done.

You can of course just throw them up on your current videos as well. Works just as well.

Cards are useful for if you want people to interact at various times in your video.

For example, you can link an updated or an older video inside another video so that people can watch those as well.

This is entirely optional as it has no bearing on ranking or getting suggested.

This just helps people stay on your videos for longer and we know by now that YouTube loves this.

I recommend adding the following End Screen elements:

Best For Viewer
Most Recent Upload

You choose one video and let YouTube do the rest.

In the next email, I'll show you exactly what you can do immediately after your video goes live to give it that extra boost.

Small little tasks that make a huge difference.

Download BONUS


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Next Chapter:

VITAL steps to take once your video goes live!

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