YouTube Advanced Settings, Categories & Playlists

YouTube Advanced Settings, Categories & Playlists: How To Rank YouTube Videos 2019 [PART 5]

Some of the most overlooked settings are the ones that aren’t in shown in your face.

You know, the ones in the backend, hidden like eggs on Easter.

Well, let me help you out here.

So what I want to go over with you today are 4 things.

  • YouTube Playlists
  • Video Visibility
  • Categories
  • Advanced Settings.

Let’s get cracking…

Oh, just make sure you’ve already done your pre-upload tasks, titles, descriptions and video tags before moving on.

Video Playlists

Studies have shown that playlists are more important than ever on YouTube because YouTube cares about session times.

Whenever you send someone over to your video, you basically create a session. Now, as I mentioned, the longer your sessions are, the more love you’ll get from YouTube.

Here’s a video where Derral Eves explains what Sessions are and the importance of them.

​Moving along…

After you’ve done all your Titles, descriptions and tags, add your video to playlists that are relevant to the content of the video.

If you do not have a playlist, create one.

To do this, go to your Creator Studio, Other features, Playlists and create one from there.


Video Visibility

Let’s talk about visibility quick…

What I am about to say now, some of you will ignore and think I’m talking out my ass. The onus falls on you if anything happens.

Now, In the past, people used to upload videos as “Unlisted“, buy views for that video and then when it hit a certain amount, they would make it public.

That worked well in 2017, but I do not recommend doing this in 2019.

YouTube is more intelligent than ever and they know when you’re trying to game the system.

Make sure your video is set to “Public” from the start. No point in keeping it unlisted, unless of course you want to hide your content… dunno.

Video Visibility
Video Visibility

Advanced Settings

As for advanced settings, the only thing I highly recommend you do here is Allow comments.

Always. Allow. Comments.

YouTube has stated before that they want conversation going on videos.


Well, like I’ve said before, they want people to stay on their platform for as long as possible.

advanced settings
advanced settings

Video Category

And then there are categories

This may seem like an obvious step, but you would be surprised as to how many actually leave this out.

Posting a video about food under “Film & Animation” could have a detrimental effect on your video’s ranking.

Make sure you choose the correct Category after uploading your video.

Simple as that…

advanced settings categories
advanced settings categories

And that’s a wrap for this article.

Now go and check out the article on YouTube Thumbnails.

That’s a biggie.

Stay Awesome.

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