Write a YouTube Video Title That Ranks!

How To Write A Title For Your Next YouTube Video: How To Rank YouTube Videos 2019 [PART 2]

The title of your YouTube video is probably the single most important element when it comes to getting your videos ranking on YouTube.

Below I’ll share the biggest pitfall when writing Titles. Especially the smaller channels.

It’s actually so obvious that when I point it out, you’ll kick yourself.

After you’ve changed your file name and metadata, you’re ready to upload the video and start writing your super awesome YouTube video title.

You already know how to upload a video, so I won’t bore you with how to do that.

Remember, your Video Title is the most important part of your video next to your thumbnail (which we’ll get to in another article).

Let’s do this thing…

Use the exact keyword phrase you used when you changed your file name, as your VIDEO TITLE.

Now, in the past, if you changed your title, description or tags after a video has been uploaded, it would have negatively affected your rankings. This is not the case anymore.

This is great, as it actually allows you to go back and look at your least performing videos, change the title, description or tags and see if you can revive it from the grave.

That being said, don’t go overboard as it will hurt your rankings!

How To Write A Title For Your Next YouTube Video

The Why

The video title is the single most important ranking factor when it comes to getting ranked on YouTube. This tells YouTube exactly what you are trying to rank for.

As smart as YouTube is, if we can help it along the way, why the hell not?!

Try to add your main keyword(s) twice in the Title if you can. Right in the beginning and towards the end.

“How To Stop Thinking About Someone Who Doesn’t Love You | 10 Tips Getting Over a Crush”

Try to keep your character count between 70 -- 90 characters.


Your MAIN keyword should be first. The second part should be a bit more “clickbaity” to get the viewer to want to click on your video.

The idea is to get someone to click your video based on your Title as well as your Thumbnail (covered later).

The Pitfall

If you’re a new channel, DO NO try and be clever with your title. Do not do things like “Today I made cookies” or something stupid like that.

You’re new. Nobody cares (yet) if you made cookies or not.

Your MAIN focus should be Keyword research and to create titles that people actually search for.

The two pieces of software I recommend are TubeBuddy and MorningFame.

With MorningFame, you cannot sign up without an invite code. So here you go:

http://projectsuccessmastery.com/morningfame (*Affiliate link)

After you’ve completed your title, move onto your YouTube descriptions so that we can optimize them properly as well.

Oh, and there’s also a description template you can copy and paste at no cost to you for your videos.

Stay Awesome.

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