Write a Winning Description For Your YouTube Video

How To Write Description For YouTube Video: How To Rank YouTube Videos 2019 [PART 3]

Aahh, writing descriptions for YouTube videos. This one’s a doozy.

Now, I have a specific way that I recommend you do the description, however, you’re free to use your own creative input as long as you kinda follow along with what I suggest.

After all, there IS a method behind the madness.

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That being said and as promised there is a link in the bottom of this article where you can download my PROVEN YouTube description template.

It’s completely free to download, so go on… it’s yours 😉

Before I get into the details of what to put in your YouTube video description box, you need to know a few things.

Along with your title, the description is the second most important part of your video optimisation. Here you’re further explaining to YouTube what your video is about.

I say second, but in actual fact, it’s tied with your Thumbnail.

Titles and description win with ranking… Thumbnails win with getting people to click your video (but thumbnails aren’t really part of this lesson).

Here’s What You Need To Do.

Aim for 300 -- 500 words in your description and do not spam with keywords. And by spam, I mean doing something like literally adding a list of all your tags and a ton of keywords separated by commas in your description.

You WILL get penalised. Eventually. Just trust me on this.

OK so let’s get cracking…

Add the exact Video Title as the very first line of your description. This, again, helps YouTube know what your video is about.

The format I would use is…

Title First. Always first. Always.

Now, if you’re trying to sell something, In that case, make sure that the URL is visible in the snippet when people view your video without having to click on the “Show More” button.

Let me show you and example of this…

How to write a winning description for your YouTube videos
How to write a winning description for your YouTube videos

The reason for this has nothing to do with ranking and everything to do with making more money. But I digress…

Right after that, you would have your “hook”, or something to draw people in. Hooks aren’t really that important for ranking, however, if you have it in there, it doesn’t hurt.

From there, you add the first part of your video description. This can be around 200 or more words. Make sure you use as many of your tags and keywords in here as possible. Just don’t spam and overdo it or you will get penalised.

Twice now I’ve warned you… 🙂

Give the user a link to subscribe to and use the word “NOW” as a psychological trigger.

Adding playlists in your description is super powerful for two reasons.

First of all, you are giving the user something else to click on after watching your video, increasing your session time and in turn boosting your rankings and possible suggestions.

And secondly, by adding other content relevant playlists, you sort of pull everything together and YouTube rewards you for it.

Remember, YouTube loves sessions.

So the longer your sessions are, the better.

Basically, when you send someone to YouTube to watch your video, your session time starts… then if that person clicks onto other videos, that’s good as the session time that you created is longer than if someone just watched your video and closed YouTube.

That’s no good. Try to avoid that by getting people to watch your playlists…

Go on and add a little bit more meat to your description here.

And then add a few links to your social media profiles. No harm in promoting yourself and this doesn’t negatively impact your rankings, so why the hell not.

Let’s add at least 3 content relevant hashtags as this will get displayed above your video’s title when someone opens your video. It both looks important and if someone searches for the hashtags, you’re likely to come out tops there as well.

Golden Tip

If you want to seriously do some damage, take each one of your tags and change them to a hashtag. Add all of them into your description right at the bottom before you end off.

End off by adding your Video Title again.

Try to vary it up a bit so that it doesn’t look spammy… and then 2 links to the video you just uploaded.

I know it sounds counter intuitive, but trust me, it makes a difference.

Pro Tip

Add links to other good videos in your niche (helps with getting suggested) as well as some of your best performing videos.

Remember YouTube wants users to remain on their platform for as long as possible and by doing this, YouTube looks at your session times and rewards you.

You’ve made it this far and for that, I’ll reward you with my PROVEN description template.

Go through the description template, optimise your descriptions and move on to your YouTube video tags.

Stay Awesome.

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