The Importance of Your YouTube Video File Name

How To Change Raw File Name On YouTube: How To Rank YouTube Videos 2019 [PART 1]

Before we get into how to change the raw file name of your video on YouTube, I feel it’s important to understand why we do this in the first place.

Well, what you do BEFORE you even upload your video is crucial to your ranking success on YouTube.

It’s a shame how few people do this or even know about it and so I want to help you and set you up for success before you even get to uploading your videos.

So, how do you change the raw file name of your video on YouTube?

Uuuhhh, you can’t! Nope, sorry. Out of luck!

But hey, there’s an upside to all of this… you get to learn something today!


Getting back to the issue at hand here, while you cannot change the raw file name on YouTube itself, what you can do is download your video, change it and re-upload…

Or just make sure you take care of this next time you upload.

Changing something like the YouTube video file name before you upload to YouTube might seem insignificant, but don’t let that put you off from getting into the habit of doing it before each upload.

You’ll understand just how powerful it really is and how to do SEO for YouTube videos once you start uploading.

Remember that every bit of optimization helps when you try to rank on YouTube.

Rename Your YouTube Video File Name For SEO.

Rename your video file to match your main Keywords as well as your Video Title.

This is super important and cannot be changed once the file has been uploaded.

Here’s an example.

Keyword: how to stop thinking about someone who doesn’t love you

Video Title: How To Stop Thinking About Someone Who Doesn’t Love You | 10 Tips Getting Over a Crush

Video File Name: How To Stop Thinking About Someone Who Doesn’t Love You 10 Tips Getting Over a Crush


Open up the properties of that file and click on Details.

From there, you need to use every blank space in there and fill it with the same information as above.

raw file name YouTube
raw file name Details

The reason we do this is because YouTube has become really clever in how they “read” video files.

Fill in every blank space you can. Save and upload.

By adding your keywords into your video file’s Metadata, you’re already telling YouTube what your video is about and what you want your video to rank for before you even create your Titles and Descriptions.


Make sure you add your MAIN KEYWORD right at the beginning.

That way YouTube knows exactly what you’re trying to get ranked for.

Now that you’re done with your video file name, move on to your YouTube Video Title.

Stay Awesome.

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