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Growing a new channel on YouTube can be a pain in the ass. That is of course, if you don't follow a structure. I believe that if you follow what I lay out in the guide, you'll set yourself up for success on YouTube.


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Here's a YouTube ranking secret: Build a solid base by following a simple, yet super powerful structure and you CANNOT fail on YouTube. FACT!

Look, I know it's not easy starting on YouTube in 2020. There are so many new channels popping up, making random videos, trying to go viral and the sad reality is that as fast as they pop up, just as fast do they die out again. 

The simple reason for this is because people don't follow a structure. A set of rules if you will. 

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that getting started on YouTube and ranking videos is NOT as difficult as you might think it is and I'll prove it to you.

This stuff works.

Here's but one of my videos, along with it's rankings, to prove to you that getting “noticed” can be a reality for you too.

Paypal Video Rankings

Check your video rankings here absolutely FREE:

Now, can you notice one very specific thing about that video and why it's doing so well?

The reason it's doing well is because when I create and upload videos, I follow all the steps outlined below. Furthermore, I try and create videos that touches on people's pain points.

For instance, the video above talks about a solution to withdrawing money from limited PayPal accounts and it's helping thousands. 

The take-away here is over and above following a structure, you have to make videos that either help or entertain people. 

I do need to be real with you as well. While some of you might be getting mad results straight from the start, others might not get instant results. I know it can and probably will suck, but keep at it and you'll soon start seeing changes. 

Remember, it takes just ONE good video to get you going. 

We've got a lot to cover, so let's get started.

Chapter 1

The Importance of Your YouTube Video File Name

Chapter 2

Write a YouTube Video Title That Ranks!

Chapter 3

Write a Winning Description For Your YouTube Video

Chapter 4

Properly Tag Your YouTube Videos To Get Views

Chapter 5

YouTube Advanced Settings, Categories & Playlists

Chapter 6

YouTube Thumbnail Tips For More Views

Chapter 7

YouTube End Screens & Cards + BONUS Template

Chapter 8

Ethically Increase YouTube Rankings For FREE

Chapter 9

Recommended Resources

Chapter 10

Monetization tips to 10x your adsense income

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