Properly Tag Your YouTube Videos To Get Views

How To Properly Tag Your YouTube Videos To Get Views: How To Rank YouTube Videos 2019 [PART 4]

Today, we’ll be covering How To Properly Tag Your YouTube Videos To Get Views.

Now, many people say that tags have no effect on videos, however, I disagree because if you do it correctly, it really does make a difference.

Besides, it doesn’t hurt your rankings in any way. In fact, do it right and you can greatly benefit from tags.

I personally make use of 5 different tools to find relevant tags.

This is because I am my own worst enemy at times and focus too much on the nitty-gritty details.

Don’t be like me!

Recommended Tools

Morningfa*me (*My Favourite)

YT Cockpit

Keyword Researcher Pro

Keywords Everywhere (*Free)

How to use those tools falls outside of the scope of this article, however I’ll be adding some more articles in the near future that will go more in dept on how to use them.

For the purpose of this little article, I will show you how to do it manually from within YouTube and without spending any money.

Coz, you know, sharing is caring 🙂

Don’t get bullied into thinking that you HAVE to buy software to get stuff done. Sure it makes your life way easier with the tools mentioned above, but you don’t need them to get started.

Right, so here’s an example of what I would do.

keywords everywhere

Go on over to a site called Keywords Everywhere. It’s a free extension so go on and install it. You do need to be using either Chrome or Firefox for this particular plugin.

This in itself is a relief, because Edge sucks! Anyway…

Awesome, so once you’ve installed this plugin, go on over to either Google or YouTube and start playing with topic ideas.

keywords everywhere search

Use it in Google and it will show you a ton of related phrases that people are searching for. Click on any one of them and it drills down further and further.

Using this, you’ll never run out of topic ideas.

keywords everywhere search suggestions

Going back to YouTube and straight off the bat, as soon as you start typing, it will show you what people are already searching for and you’ll notice it shows you the amount of searches a keyword gets per month (pulled in by Keyword Everywhere via Google’s Keyword Tool).

While this isn’t 100% accurate, it’s about as close to 100% accurate that you’ll get. Google isn’t going to give you everything you know.

Remember that the suggested phrases showing up is YouTube basically giving you a list of terms that people are already searching for.

Take advantage of this, especially when building out your tags.

Use the alphabet and see what gets suggested to you. If it relates to what your video is about, use it.

Now, in some cases, you have to be a little bit creative. Solong as it’s related to your video.

Ok, so here’s where things get a little bit convoluted.

See, there are 2 trains of thought here.

On the one hand, I suggest you make use of all 500 characters that YouTube allows for when you add tags.

But on the other hand, I also suggest ONLY using 1 or 2 tags at most.

I know this is getting a bit complicated now, but hear me out.

If you choose method ONE and fill up your tags, that’s fine. I have many other videos and client videos using that method with great affect. You’re not wrong.

However if you use method TWO of only adding 1 or 2 tags, you’re basically telling YouTube “listen The YouTubes, I only want to be ranking for this tag”.

This also works great and again, I have plenty personal and client videos using method 2 also with to great effect.

The strategy you use ultimately comes down to what you’re trying to achieve.

Do you want to try and rank for as many things as possible like this video of mine…?

YouTube Ranking for Many Tags
Ranking for Many Tags

Then fill up your tags with relevant keywords.

If you only want to rank for 1 or 2 keywords, then only add those as your tags.

Pretty simple actually.

That being said, you’re probably asking “why the hell would I only add 1 or 2 tags if I can fill it up and rank for many?” and you’d be asking a very valid question.

Again, it all comes down to what you’re trying to achieve. Some people ONLY want to focus on a specific keyword and some want to throw as much sh*t at the wall to see what sticks.

The power lies in your hands… use it wisely!

Always start your tags with your main keyword or title regardless of what method you follow.

Follow this up with phrases that closely relate to what your video is about.

I do recommend adding your channel name at least once as well.

Again, this just ties all your videos in together and helps with more and more of your videos being suggested on the sidebar as people watch your content.

Pro Tip

Make sure your FIRST tag is your main keyword(s) also, If you’re a small channel, avoid single words as you’ll waste your time.

As I mentioned, you don’t need any tools to do this properly, however if you want to save time and get a little bit more insight into competition, what other successful channels are doing and so on, I do recommend checking out the tools I mentioned above.

And that’s about it for tags. Don’t overthink things, but also don’t think that they don’t work.

If you haven’t already learned how to write proper descriptions that gets results, I wrote a little article on YouTube descriptions and I also give you an awesome template to use.

Stay Awesome.

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for newbies and non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually learning and refining my skills so that I can provide you with the best possible information to also be successful.

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