BONUS - Monetization Tips To 10x Your Adsense Income

So I wasn't going to post this but thought it good to add it as a little bonus to say thank you for sticking around.


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Again, multiple studies have shown that monetized videos tend to rank better than videos without ads.

The reason for this is because YouTube obviously wants to make more money off videos and as such, those that have monetization enabled, tend to rank better than those that have no monetization enabled.

So here's the thing…

Make your video’s over 10 minutes long. That way you are able to specify the number of ads displayed on your video. You cannot do this if your video is under 10 minutes long.

For instance, say your video is 5 minutes long and you enable monetization. You’ll most probably only get around 2 or 3 ads displayed if you’re lucky.

Now, if you make your video 10 minutes or longer and you add around 10 or more ads in the video, you effectively can make up to 10 times more money on your video.

As an example…

Say your CPM is around 5 c and you only get 2 ads shown on your video, you’ll roughly make around $100 on that particular video.

If your video is over 10 minutes long and you display an add every 1 minute or so, you now potentially make up to $500 per 1000 views.

This is, of course, a very wild estimation just to prove a point.

Bear in mind though that this is just an example as CPM rates differ from account to account.

The point is this… make your videos 10 min or more to 10x your income.

Thanks again for sticking around, you've been great.


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