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So after your video is live, you want to start the ball rolling, but what do you do?

Lemme show you (or tell you rather…)

Once your video is live, there are a few things you can do from your side to help boost the video.

Now, we all know that the first 24hrs after publishing a YouTube video, is the most important part.

Here’s what I would do:

Step One

Open your own video and like it. Simple as that. Just hit that like button.

like your video
like your video

From there and while you’re on your video, leave a comment as well. If you’re selling something, put your link in there.

If you want to start a conversation, ask a question.

Just leave a comment and be creative.

Now, do this…

  • Like that comment.
  • Love that comment.
  • Pin that comment.

We’re done with Step one.

Step Two (GOLD)

Go to RapidTags, paste your video in and check what you’re ranking for.

YouTube Ranking for Many Tags
YouTube Ranking – Many Tags

Copy the keyword or keyword phrase and follow the steps below.

I highly suggest that you connect to this recommended VPN before you do this.

Use 3 different browsers (Incognito Mode), open YouTube, paste your keyword or keyword phrase and search.

Now, if your video isn’t ranking yet, simply search for your entire Video Title. You’ll usually find it that way.

Open your video 18 times (no more) and watch it completely through.

This means, 6 times on each browser. NO MORE.

open six times
open six times in 3 browsers

So basically, if your video is 10 minutes long, you’ll have added 180 minutes of watch-time to your video from the start.

Over and above that, you’ll also have increased your CTR (Click Through Rate) right from the start.

This is GOLD.

Step Three

Ask a few friends or family members to also like, watch and comment on your video.

Share your video on Reddit and watch it.

Share your video on Twitter and watch it.

Share your video on Facebook and watch it.

Comments are super important for ranking as it shows YouTube that people are engaging.

So the more comments you can get, the better.

Step Four

Embed your video on a website, Web 2.0 or blog and watch it.

And there you go. Four very simple, yet super powerful things that you can do straight off the bat after you make your video live that will give your video a tremendous boost.

Remember to make sure you follow everything that I have shared with you up until now before you follow the steps in this article to maximize your potential of ranking.

Stay Awesome.

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for newbies and non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually learning and refining my skills so that I can provide you with the best possible information to also be successful.

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